Chrissy Comlish, MFT Intern in Los Angeles


People come to therapy for a variety of issues that can result in feeling stuck, overwhelmed or dejected. It is my goal to create safe and respectful environment so each of my clients feel well-supported and accompanied during vulnerable times. I believe in working collaboratively, which means I take an active role assisting each person in connecting with their unique skills and purposes that may otherwise appear out of reach.

My experience involves counseling individuals, couples, families and groups covering a wide range of themes. In particular, I have an affinity towards helping clients on topics related to grief and bereavement, relationship concerns, challenges of parenthood, and life transitions

Living and working  in Los Angeles for a number of years has led to substantial experience with the following demographics:

  • Creative writers, artists, actors and musicians

  • Young women and men navigating new life in Los Angeles

  • Adults working through loss of connection within the couple, family, and friend contexts 

  • Adults working through grief and loss (both recent and long ago)

  • Parents negotiating time, creativity and careers with the complexities of parenthood

  • Couples and Individuals redefining sexuality and sexual preferences

More information on common issues I work with can be found in services.