Grief and Bereavement Support

I have an affinity towards helping clients through grief and bereavement and offer a weekly grief and loss support group in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. You may learn more about the support group here. I also offer individual therapy and free 20 minute phone consultations to prospective clients. Additionally, I've compiled a list of recommended resources for grief support below:

Our House

 Provides the community with grief support services, education, resources, and hope

Camp Widow
a weekend long gathering of widowed people which provides practical tools, valuable resources, and peer-based encouragement for rebuilding your life in the aftermath of the death of a spouse in a fun, uplifting, laughter filled atmosphere.

Beth Chayim Chadashim
" The Coping With Loss Support Group"
"Bereavement-And-Beyond" resource, providing support for people of all sexual orientations who are coping with the loss of a loved one, or a lifecycle loss such as the loss of one's job.

Hope Connection
Providing community support groups for loss of a parent, spouse, and suicide survivors groupsin West Los Angeles, the Valley, and Downtown LA.

One Legacy

Offers grief support groups in both English and Spanish

The Center for Grief and Loss

Group sessions are provided for children and their families for healing from grief and loss experiences with an emphasis on multi-cultural facilitators and support groups. The sessions are free to all family members in English and Spanish.

Miss Foundation

National organization serving families who experienced the death of a child.

Leeza's care connection

Caregiver and Bereavement Support Services for adults